Important notice: These minutes are summarized for brevity by the Director, Leona Chereshnoski. Full written minutes may be read at the Library.


July 2017 Minutes Summary Osceola Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Members present: 7

Motions made and carried to accept April Minutes and Current Treasurer’s Report

Total of $43,121 in the investment account as of May 31, 2017. We anticipate a check from NYS Education Dept. for the final payment on the 2016 Phase I construction grant.

Some members attended Trustee Training meeting in Pulaski on May 23rd.

Leona presented a Power Point  program at NCLS at the NCLS Table Talks on June 13, 2017 outlining our Construction Project.

A proposal has been received to do a dining out fund raiser at Nicole’s in Camden. We discussed checking with Theresa for working a breakfast at the Outpost and taking a percentage for a 3-4 hour time period.

Incentive grants have been offered by NCLS and will be developed by Leona for submission. We will be paid for submitting policies and updating our website.  A committee was formed to review suggested wording for Continuing Education Policy and Personnel Policy. Motion by Tena Jones to do prepare policies for the Incentive Grants, 2nd  by  Darlene Dean. Carried.

New computers are needed. The ones we have cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 which will be needed in 2020. Current monitors and keyboards will suffice. The new computers will be $511. Through NCLS.  It can be done on a five year payment plan. We could try to buy one a year.

Phase II of the Construction Grant for 2017 was approved. Bid notices will be published.  Work to proceed ASAP.

We are looking for a Rocking Chair for the Children’s area in memory of Joyce Dean. 

We will not do a Municipal Vote this year due to town’s help with the building project in 2016, furnishing funds for Septic tank, and that work along with file cabinets for Library and Historical offices.  We will ask for a raise from the $400. We got in 2016.

Library sponsoring “Needlework Nites” for anyone on Thursdays at 6:30 pm and Genealogy programs will be hosted by Diane Dutch as requested.

Internet service is satisfactory and the e-rate program has been set up for another year to help pay for the cost of it. NCLS assists in preparation of e-rate paperwork.

NCLS Annual meeting is Sept 28, 2017 from 9 am to 3 pm. Trustees and Director encouraged to attend.

Upcoming this Saturday, July 8 is the Annual Turtle Race Bake Sale. Proceeds go to the Joint Committee. Set-up will be in Raiti’s driveway.

Mary Lynn and Wanda signed all the paperwork to get names changed at the Credit Union accounts. Next meeting on October 10, 2017 at 7 pm. Wanda made motion to adjourn, Second by Marilee. Carried. 8:30 pm.                                                      Summarized minutes by Director, Leona Chereshnoski